Like a little boy with new shoes!

Today is the first day in my life as a blogger.

I am quite excited over having this medium at hand and to show you bits and pieces of my tought on public life, injustice, global issues, and some business experiences.
Of course I do also want to show my family and friend what happens around in me and my closest one’s everyday. Maybe that way me will feel just a little bit closer anyway.

I started out with Facebook soem time ago, and quickly I found that personal messages, long “philosphical” messages etc, is not really what other FaCebook-friend would be lookng for. Normally you would just be looking for some short and funny stuff, play some games, get some unusual videos, congratulate others with their birthdays, and, see and be seen through nice photos. That is a Book for Faces. Never really profound.

Then I got hooked on Twitter. And that’s really great as a MICRO-blogging place. And to get impulses and information too!
But sometimes I get the feeling of being this kind of big arena, sending out little messages that very few really care for.

Here I want make a kind of timeline in issues and happening, and maybe get some good interaction with friends and family and others who stop by.


  1. #1 by A. Suniga on 23/12/2010 - 02:50

    Just want to greet the author of this site a Merry Christmas!

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