Somebody not your brother is watching!

Somebody is WATCHING YOU!

It is now public knowledge that today’s technology is a goldmine for marketers and research companies studying consumer behaviour. Especially on the worldwide web, footprints like cookies and other traces that we live behind telling companies about who we are, what we like, when we like it, etc, etc, make up a goldmine for personalizing offers. And it does not have to be expensive getting this powerfull knowledge.

Sometimes we do not like this, especially if we get the feeling we are being watched, or that information about our darker sides might be stored somewhere out there…

But sometimes we like this, because we get offers that are tailormade. We all like to feel special, to be offered exactly what we like.

Telecoms companies now have programs for mining into their statistics about each and every customer.
One of their targets is to identify people with the power to influence the market, friends and colleagues, etc..

Characteristical behaviour traits of these influencers or people at the top of the office or social pecking order is that they often behave like this in terms of phonecalls:

• receive quick callbacks,

• do not worry about calling other people late at night and

• tend to get more calls at times when social events are most often organised, such as Friday afternoons.

• Influential customers also reveal their clout by making long calls, while

• the calls they receive are generally short.

Are you one of these?
Maybe you can expect being offered a latest generation Smartphone by one of the telecoms companies in the near future…

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