The journey to happiness

Rendering of human brain.

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One the programs on the state Spanish television that I enjoy most is Redes, by Eduardo Punset. It is really fascinating to follow him as he uncover secrets of our minds.

What has become increasingly clear to me is that our brain is our greatest ally. But it can also be our greatest enemy. If we only knew how to make MUCH better use of it!

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I am sure most of you once or twice (…) have been thinking that if you only had some more MONEY, if you were to win 1 million euros in the lottery, then you would be the happiest person. Or good HEALTH. Or LOVE. … Remember how much you wanted that electronic gadget, thinking it would make you happy. Then you got it, and how long did that particular happiness last? Were you already thinking about a new gadget?

Money, love and health would be important ingredients in our journey to happiness. Of course. But scientists from this field of study, like for instance Punset, would insist: “it depends!”

All those neurons, impulses and chemical stimulations that our brains work with… And without any of the side effects that drugs and pharmaceuticals normally produce. Enjoying arts, like listening to music, watching a painting, a film … these visual stimulations to the brain are generating similar pleasures to those coming from actual doing these activities by ourselves. I.e. visual stimulation to the brain helps us overcome physical limitations to joyful endeavours. Yes, watching somebody dance produces the same kind of positive chemical reactions inside the brain as if you were dancing yourself.

Becoming better acquainted with the inside functioning of our brains will help us to better world. Including a better position to overcome our ego. Yes, my ego can be harmful to myself. Eckard Tolle has some insights on this. But that is a subject that I’ll leave to a future blogpost.

Stay tuned!

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