Change is good. Or…?

This is not a psycology lesson nor an in-depth essay. Only the top of an iceberg that I am discovering…
Interpreting opportunities in change

Interpreting opportunities in change


How many times have you heard it, or read it in books like “Who took my cheese”? 

And, yes, the only constant in life is CHANGE!! 

You would hear: Change is good for you. … If you think it is difficult to adapt to a new situation that is really because you have not seen the opportunity that this represents to you. Etc., etc.. 

Unfortunately, I have seen examples that people actually see the new situation as an opportunity, yes. But in an “opportunistic” behaviour  I have seen them actually turn into persons that I (or others) do not recognise anymore. 

Say: A man who would be telling you and his dauhter that WHITE is good, and he would live according to WHITE. Then, something happens that would leave him in a totally different situation. So, after a brief`period of time, seeing that hecan, he would start surround himself with GREY and BLACK and go for BLACK and GREY… 

In those cases, I think change has not been good. Because these individuals have misinterpreted the opportunity. OR, before the change, they were not being themselves – and we really got to know a false personality not true to himself….

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