Social local. Visual global

Seeing locally. Loving globally

Seeing locally. Loving globally


A social responsibility today is a global responsibility, as to a large extent society also is a global society. That’s globalisation too, my friend! So, international interaction grows, it is even more important today than a century ago to understand that people are different (sic.) depending not only on genes, or walks of life, but also depending on where their cradle stood. 

It is logical. Language, culture, traditions, etc shape us. And whether it is in a city or a more rural place. North or South. 

Check a guy who grows up in Spain, in Madrid (a community with the same number of citizens as the whole of Norway): 

  • as a child he would be driven to school by his parents (or grandparents). To avoid that “something” happen.
  • on his spare time he would probably play football on concrete covered squares (that’s why Spanish football players are technically very good…)
  • his life would have a larger chunk of time conversing and chit-chatting in bars or cafeterias, making him good at talking and communicating…

Then think of  a guy who grow up in a small-town environment in Norway: 

  • he would most likely walk by himself to school
  • on his spare time he might (in winter) go skiing and playing in the snow just next door to his home.
  • as he grows up he typically spend quite some spare time in associations and clubs

So what do you see you in the picture and why, and how would you tell it and where???? 

¿Culo o codo? Ass or elbow?

Ass or elbow? ¿Culo o codo?

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