It is ours!

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It is fascinating to go behind the words and phrases, read between the lines, and understand the sentiments of language.   

Today I heard a song, a nice and popular one. Still it was not a song of “my generation”. I guess it would be one generation below me that they played this song at their parties, singing it loud together, feeling the sentiments the singer transmitted, as something which was theirs. And this “something” in fact “the others” (read: older people) would not really “get”.   

Then my thoughts wandered along, and I found several examples of these subliminal readings when we would say that something is OURS.   

  • Our song – romantic sentiments of the (happy) past of a couple in love or that has lived together for a longer time…
  • Our war – we take the responsibility, and we will fight it to the end!
  • Our traditions – our ancestors invented them, and we will proudly carry them on.
  • Our flag – the symbol that we have in common, the banner we will march behind, the colours that we will defend, chant while waving…
  • Our nation – we have created it, we have some things in common that we care for, and you would have to prove that you have respectfully earned the right to stay
  • Our house – where we live, kind of in and island, where we are the ones to decide. And a song by Madness that I listened a lot to…

Please feel free to fill in with your associations!   

Our responsibility

Our responsibility



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