Politicians: where the h… did they come from?

Used to the media

If no charisma, no success

In the beginning, she was an idealist. She was very enthusiastic about the ideology, the case, and to “change the world”. Then she was caught by the ‘apparatus’ of the party, and soon she discovered what a game it really is… What really counts for whatever ‘movement’ is to have the power, and to get there, well, to this end the means justify the cause.

A very, very sad thing is that no politicians, very few if any, plan on any horizon beyond the 4 or 5 years of their mandate.. Or maybe a re-election period. (And during the later part of the mandate most of their actions would probably be carried out as part of their re-election campaign…). So, how can we EVER EXPECT any solution to problems that require REALLY LONGTERM HORIZONS??? One exception comes to my mind though: CHINA. This millenary nation has really longterm goals as such, goals that in only a very minor degree are adjusted by individuals. So far, so far(!!) the Chinese have been thinking in a really collective manner. (“If Taiwan is not incorporated into our fold this decade, well, they sure will in a hundred years…!“).

Great Hall of the People

Wheeling and dealing, compromising on some issues in order to win in others. Well, that’s OK. That is just what we do all of us, every day. Thing is that the politician is just too much of us. He/she may promise you something in exchange for your vote (confidence). Then, when he/she is there in office,  in his/her quest for power, well then that promise is “forgotten”. Or worse, some personal incentive or motivation had risen to be more important than the cause of the party or the election-campaign promises.

Maybe it is also a bit yours and my fault too. Today most of us just vote for an image, a superficial idea of what we have an impression a person or a party would do if winning an office. Sure thing though, is that no politician without media charisma would not get very far in his/her political career. So, the voter is also guilty of not doing our ‘job’ well in making a decision on who to vote for. In other words, it IS true that a nation will only get as good politicians as it has deserved.

Homo Politicus. Most politicians have never had a REAL job!

The majority of the parliamentarians of today, in western countries, have never had a job in the real economy, the real life, in a “nonpolitical” profession. Really! They are mostly ‘broilers’ trained to handle media, voters and opposition. Although clearly some have also gotten into the ranks and files of this ‘cast’ in order to enrich themselves.

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