Heavy metal genealogic tree

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When I lived in Norway I was not aware of the international success of some musicians not really that popular in Norway. 

F.ex. in Asia, I found that the group “from Lippo Lippi” was really big in the Philippines.  Yes, you’re right, it was almost two decades ago, but still I found it almost incredible. 

In Spain I have learned that there are in fact quite a few Norwegian heavy-metal, Viking-rock and black-metal bands with an important crowd of fans down here. This is an incredible and unexpected “export-article” to an outsider (meaning not-informed individual) as me. 

The other way around, however, I haven’t found any “unexpected” kinds of music. Well, yes. While Gipsy Kings (from France, but people thought they were Spanish) and Baccara (“Yes Sir, I can Boogie”) got really popular up North, while in their home-country/ies they were considered kind of, let’s say, simple, and not really representative. 

Unknown at home - wellknown abroad

Unknown at home - wellknown abroad

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