Time – and time

SomeTIMEs time really flies, and you wonder what really happened.  


It might be that the hours of the day just ended, or the week that left you with an impression it only consisted of Monday and then – oops – Friday.   

Your kids growing up, your parents or grandparents turning grayer. (And, what you might not realize: the mark of time on yourself. Yes, your own body breaking down due to a lack of movement (except between seats: the car seat, your office-chair, a plane-seat, restaurant seating, the sofa in front of the TV…). Yep. those are also proofs of time passing and maybe you wonder where did it go, the time.   

Time. Life. Experiences. Memories. Movement. Expectations.   

As we grow older our concept of TIME changes, as do we and life


Many years ago I saw an advertisement that read: “Life is not the number of days that have passed, but the days that you remember“.   

Think of it. … That means Quality Time is what counts.   

Not the rush for effectiveness, like in the book of Michael Ende, “Momo“, where the time-thieves were the bad guys and the warning to most of us in our stress and strive for happiness.   

Screenshot of Paul Henreid, Ingrid Bergman, Cl...
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“A kiss is just a kiss, as time goes by”, the song went in Casablanca, the film with Bergmann and Bogart. Is it just that? But what is a kiss then? Or what kind of kiss? Probably it was also a memory in that time-line that made up the life of those film characters.   

And how you really live and experience time… That’s really something that changes with time. When you were a kid, those 20-years-olds were kind of oldies: “I will ‘never’ be that old”. Then you get expectations for the rest of your life, impatience for start running, school, university, job, career, creating your own little family… untill that day comes when you realize that lots of your own expectations and time-focus relates to your own kids, or grand-children… And your time has a really different impact on your being, patience, calmness, less hurry in your actions. Or?   

Time is less about Future, some of us also get stuck mentally with a foot in the Past, while reason tells us that time really is a Now thing…  

Past - present - future. Remember the power of Now!



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