15-M and the need for transparency in business, politics…

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15-M was the name of the movement of peaceful demonstration that started in Spain on and after the 15th of May. You found them, young and old, from the Extreme Left and from the Extreme Right, on Puerta del Sol in the very center of Madrid, at the very heart of tourism and in front of the local government building at the point of “zero kilometer” of the country’s road network. They were also called “los indignados”, the ones tired of corruptions, economic crisis, useless politicians only working in their own interests, globalisation, a dark future on the labour market, environmental problems…

They made their point, although I think the “movement” in its shape as a tent-camp obstructing earnings in a prolonged period of time for the shops around the “camp”, simply stayed on too long as that. Yesterday its tents and other structures were taken than by the campers in a very civilized manner. (Check this article from The Telegraph: http://tgr.ph/lSy9yq )

Now, I cannot say how much I do agree with the need for a change of mentality around, especially when it comes to the issue of transparency.

transparency is good for:

  • democracy
  • business efficiency
  • personal relationships


The people that we elect to represent have a contract with us, and we have a right to know if they comply with these obligations and promises.

Furthermore, transparency is also what we call accountability. Meaning, reporting with accuracy and according to legal standards activities and positions.


In a family-run business I would say a natural characteristic could be “nepotism”, ie. hiring and employing friends and family.

On the contrary, in mayor corporations or companies, in particular in the entities with more than one owner or stake-holder, the organisation should definitely be built up according to rational criteria, not only the trust, or loyalty towards the patron which might be the ruling in the former case). definitely, there is (should be) more emphasis on optimisation of resources, right person to the right position according to objective criteria.

Accountability to stakeholders (owners, employees, public, market, authorities) in a transparent manner is key to their acceptance. And vice versa, especially in the more developed and plural societies, a key to the success of these businesses.

Personal relationships:

Would you trust someone who you realize is not transparent? Someone who tells you lies? Or someone close (even supposedly very close) who consciously hide information?

Here’s another blogger writing on a similar subject: http://bit.ly/iGhFkS (interesting because it touches on the importance on the matter when applying SOCIAL MEDIA…)


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