The city of Drammen has turned 200!

Drammen, Norway, seen from the east

Image via Wikipedia

Congratulations to the city where I grew up and became a man!

Drammen, the estuary town at the fjord with the same name, is northern Europe’s most important port for cars, the 9th largest city of Norway (62000 inhabitants), and hometown of the famed Strømsgodset football club (also known as SIF or more the more popular “Godset” (=the Mansion)).

In Wikipedia you can read: “The Norse form of the city’s name was Drafn, and this was originally the name of the inner part of Drammensfjord. The fjord is, however, probably named after the river Dramselva (Norse Drǫfn), and this again is derived from drǫfn f ‘wave‘.[4]

200 years with city status is not much in the history of the world or other civilizations around the globe. I know. But, I do know that it is a city that has grown and changed with the times. A city that has known how to adapt to changing circumstances. Being always a port city, at the crossroads for agriculture and industry as well as for transport of all kinds, a long time centered around timber-floating, wood and paper-industries, passing through a period with a bad reputation: “a crossroads on the highway”, some said. Others played with words: “it’s better to have a drink (Dram) every hour, than an hour in Drammen…”

Today it is a very modern city, that has invested a lot in making itself beautiful, with walkways along the riverside, a flourishing cultural life, new architecture… Drammen has become attractive!

Drammen is seemingly like a good wine, it has become even better with the years!

I recommend this web-page (in English) to check out the celebration activities, and other information!

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