Summer heat on the Spanish meseta

vineyards of the Rioja region in Spain

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People often ask me how I (being a Norwegian) can live with the heat. Not so strange, really, when temperatures here in Madrid range between +30º and +40º celsius, or more. While in Norway, a tough winter can offer temperatures with the same digits and a minus in front…

I CAN live it, and I continue to do so. And, as I am a kind of adaptive guy, I do not complain, nor think about better places to be, getting really, really distracted by it. But, I do not really go looking for the sunniest heat, to get into it, either. It would be more correct to say  that you just float with it, and try to make it more or less comfortable.

Modern Spain can offer a lot in this respect… Fresh mornings for the early birds, slow strolls in the village or city center in the evenings, cold cervezas of any kind, refreshing tinto de verano, big trees with shades, a looong siesta (in the weekends or on a holiday for most people), air-conditioning, evenings in a terraza sprayed with fine, cool water clouds, piscinas, a sailing boat on the Mediterraneo, the green hilly and rocky Atlantic coast-line from Galicia, vía Asturias, Cantabria and Basque Country


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