Difference, but tired in Northern and Southern Europe

EU 27: Candidate countries

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The other day Spanish media reflected what the EU Commissioner for Economic affairs, Ollie Rehn from Finland, had to say about the financial crisis we are all living in Europe the last couple of years.

The media highlighted (in headlines) his observations regarding demonstrations and protests against economic reforms and budget limitations in the PIGS– countries (Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain). He stated that people in these countries are tired of the measures taken to cope with the crisis. Yes, might be so.

But wat you did not see that much in the media, was that he also said “Nordic” countries are tired of giving.

And today, we could read that a recent German survey shows that an overwhelming majority of germans are really tired of giving; they do not believe in the rescue-operations in pipeline to “save” Greece, nor do they belive in the Euro. Now that’s really alarming. We are in fact seeing that the economic engine, the locomotive of the European train, is loosing its impetus, and is not so willing to pull the weaker anymore.

We should start asking ourselves a lot of questions now about how to organise the system on which our European House is built.

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