Where to sit down when on the beach…?

Man and woman in swimsuits, ca. 1910; she is e...

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It’s certainly a question about preferences.

Whether you like to be on the beach at all, if you prefer being close to the water, closer to the bar or ice-cream booth…

But it is also a question about cultural background.
Generally speaking, a family from Norway would most likely seek a spot which is a bit separated from others. A Spanish family would most likely try to spread their stuff out as close to others as possible. While one seeks intimacy (probably out of respect for others’ intimacy), the next is guided by a curiosity, need of feeling part of something vibrant.

Imagine an empty beach, early in the morning. If in Norway, the first family would probably seek the corner, and the next one the other corner – as far away form the first family as possible.

If in Spain, the first family will probably go to the center of the beach, and the next one, and then the next one, as close to the first as they would dear.

Strange, isn’t it?


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