Ideology made violent and totally insane

Anders Behring Breivik had carefully planned his evil doings in the Government quarters of Oslo, and at the Utöya youth camp, on July 22nd of 2011.

He claims to have spent 80 days in preparing it, and in a 1500-pages long manifest (spread to selected people in European right-wing movements) he writes about his thinking as what he calls a Conservative, and as a freedom fighter (martyr), Knight Templar, prepared to die in his fight against multiculturalism, marxists and Islam’s steady conquering of Europe. He ideal countries are Japan and South-Corea, named repeatedly as countries that have stood strong against “multiculturalism”, though an academic partner of him on is convinced he is not a nazi.

I get sick when I see the twisted turns ideology can get, when positive passion for a culture and a country and its way of living, turns into intolerance and takes the step into this fanatic, dreamlike adventurous phantasy thinking and acting. As in this 12-minute summary of the 1500 pages that he had prepared untill the very day of the 22nd of July, and published in the web on the 23rd

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