Spanish intelligence services alerts on financing of islamic groups

Countries with muslim majority

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El País, the leading Spanish newspaper, on August 1st this year, wrote an article with alarming news about who is controlling the financing of the activities of the 1,2 million strong muslim community in Spain.

The intelligence report, written by General Félix Sanz Roldán (Head of the CNI – National Intelligence Center), notes that these donations come to radical organizations and unscrupulous individuals. The report, according to El País, states that six Muslim countries are sponsoring Islamic communities in Spain, sometimes in order to control and often without much discernment. Sending funds often fall into the hands of radical organizations or unscrupulous individuals.

Further, the report was sent to Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Interior and Defense at observed with alarm the funding and support provided by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Libya and especially Muslims in Morocco to Spain, benefitting a total of 1,2 million people.

“The consequences of negative attitudes result in funding for coexistence, such as the emergence of parallel societies and ghettos, Islamic courts and police outside the current legislation, lack of schooling of girls, forced marriages, etc.,” states the document prepared by the CNI, to which this newspaper has had access.


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