Half full or half empty bottle ??

Aass Bryggerier, Drammen, Norway

Image via Wikipedia

Ever thought of how differently two persons see, interpret or live a certain situation?

That two persons listening to the very same song can get associations or feelings that are totally contrarian? Yes, – while you would like to listen to that song over and over again because you find it “beautiful”, another person might prefer to turn it off, maybe because he thinks it is sad, maybe he does not really like getting into a “sad mood”…

Music is by the way a very powerful trigger of memories and feelings. I am pretty sure there are many songs that when you hear them, you start thinking of a time, a person, a place…

And that bottle of wine on the dinner-table, – is it half empty or is it half full? Would your answer depend on the number of people to share the wine with? the time you’ll need it to last? whether you have more bottles?

And the weather outside, what about it? Is the sun good for you – if you are a road-worker or a beach-comber? are you a farmer? Did you plan a picnic or an outing today? Are you going to study at your desk for that important exam?

The long line to get into that trendy pub … Are you the owner of the place – or did you just want to invite your really impatient girlfriend for a pint of genuine pils from the oldest brewery in Norway, Aass Bryggeri of Drammen???

A photo of this icon of a brewery is included above. So, what do you think? Does this building provoke good or bad vibrations in YOU????


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