Demonstration vs Strike


Although the spanish unions claimed that close to 80% of all the working population joined the strike, I am absolutely convinced that this was not the case!

Most people in fact chose to not follow the strike.

Maybe because the Unions have lost all credibility with their cheating and fraud on public subsidies, their leaders not walking the talk – in their wealth based taking advantage of privileges originally meant for people with lesser resources…

Maybe because Spain is in a very troubled economic situation and very few believe causing economic harm would do any good to the recovery.

For or against the Labour Reforms? OK, you are for. Or maybe not. You are against. So how do you show that? Through the democratic channels, political representatives in parliament, expressing opinions in media…Or you join a demonstration in the city center with speakers and charts and the lot. Yes, actually the demonstration taking the center streets of Madrid yesterday, Thursday the 29th, had substantially more followers than the strike.

I am not against the right to strike, but I do not think it is the best means to negotiate. Not anymore. And I do not think it is a fair tool as it mostly, especially in a “general strike“, does harm to the third parties of the conflict, the ‘innocent bystanders’.

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