More changes in less time, generation by generation

where are we, the world, heading?

I have always referred to the generation of my grand-parents as one that has experienced so many changes, technologywise, real leaps of development, from the telegraph, trains, the combustion engine, charter-travelling by plane, telephone, even the mobile phone… and they assimilated all, and got well used to it. Some even adopted internet and e-mails as tools in their communication. I really believe these giant leaps of development were not seen in centuries before theirs.

But how about us then? And our kids?

We have become so used to new technologies, ways of communicating and interacting, that we are even “outperforming” our grandparents when it comes to speed of assimilation. And taking this look at developments, I am very excited about living in times like this, with the perspectives of vast opportunities that lies in the potential of internet at large (economic lowconjunctures and financial crisis apart).

Take a look at this chart from Intel that graphically illustrates what is happening in one internet-minute:

Intel's illustration of happenings in one minute on internet

All these things happen in ONE minute on internet. Today. In 2012...(Ref. Intel)

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