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El test 69. Para saber si te va a gustar

El test 69. Para saber si te va a gustar un libro, no lo juzgues por la portada. Aplica el test (inocente) de la página 69. Vete a la página 69 y léelo. Si te gusta es probable que te va a gustar todo el libro.

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Dette kartet er dårlig nytt for Europa – Verden – NRK Nyheter

Dette kartet er dårlig nytt for Europa – Verden – NRK Nyheter.

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More changes in less time, generation by generation

where are we, the world, heading? I have always referred to the generation of my grand-parents as one that has experienced so many changes, technologywise, real leaps of development, from the telegraph, trains, the combustion engine, charter-travelling by plane, telephone, even the mobile phone… and they assimilated all, and got well used to it. Some […]

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La gente está harta de politicos y sindicatos

recibí un e-mail con esta imagen y lo publico aquí porque, aparte de la sonrisa que nos provoca, pienso que es representativo de un sentimiento entre mucha gente en España ahora mismo, en lo que se refiere a las cabezas visibles de los sindicatos. Y esta es otra expresión de lo mismo, aunque sobre los […]

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Demonstration vs Strike

Although the spanish unions claimed that close to 80% of all the working population joined the strike, I am absolutely convinced that this was not the case! Most people in fact chose to not follow the strike. Maybe because the Unions have lost all credibility with their cheating and fraud on public subsidies, their leaders […]

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Sex, coffee and smartphones

Yes, the title is a bluff to get you into my blog. However, sex-appeal and charisma… isn’t that a facet we all would like to experience or to radiate a bit of ourselves? In need of a break from stress, in longing for some stimulation or a moment of distraction together with people you like, […]

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Cada persona tiene una misión específica

Cada persona tiene una misión específica en el mundo, pero todos los seres humanos funcionan como las células de un mismo cuerpo, trabajando juntas para la realización de una meta en común. (Cita de www Yehuda berg)

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Half full or half empty bottle ??

Ever thought of how differently two persons see, interpret or live a certain situation? That two persons listening to the very same song can get associations or feelings that are totally contrarian? Yes, – while you would like to listen to that song over and over again because you find it “beautiful”, another person might […]

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Spanish intelligence services alerts on financing of islamic groups

El País, the leading Spanish newspaper, on August 1st this year, wrote an article with alarming news about who is controlling the financing of the activities of the 1,2 million strong muslim community in Spain. The intelligence report, written by General Félix Sanz Roldán (Head of the CNI – National Intelligence Center), notes that these […]

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Massemordet i Oslo og Utöya: Fengslingsforklaringer

Terrorhandlingene: Fengslingforhandlinger i Oslo. Slik jeg forstår det kan det sies at mannen er ansvarlig for det som kan kalles terrorhandlinger, iom, at dommeren sier den siktede (…) hadde til hensikt å skremme folket. Faktisk siteres monsteret å ha sagt Arbeiderpartiet skulle rammes så hardt at potensielle medlemmer eller tilhengere skulle skremmes vekk fra dette partiet…


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