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More changes in less time, generation by generation

where are we, the world, heading? I have always referred to the generation of my grand-parents as one that has experienced so many changes, technologywise, real leaps of development, from the telegraph, trains, the combustion engine, charter-travelling by plane, telephone, even the mobile phone… and they assimilated all, and got well used to it. Some […]

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Sex, coffee and smartphones

Yes, the title is a bluff to get you into my blog. However, sex-appeal and charisma… isn’t that a facet we all would like to experience or to radiate a bit of ourselves? In need of a break from stress, in longing for some stimulation or a moment of distraction together with people you like, […]

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The Social Media revolution

I just had to forward, include, this amazing information: The text on YouTube reads: Part of the world’s most watched Social Media video series; “Social Media Revolution” by Erik Qualman. Based on #1 International Best Selling Book Socialnomics by Erik Qualman. This is a shorter version that includes new social media statistics for 2011.


15-M and the need for transparency in business, politics…

15-M was the name of the movement of peaceful demonstration that started in Spain on and after the 15th of May. You found them, young and old, from the Extreme Left and from the Extreme Right, on Puerta del Sol in the very center of Madrid, at the very heart of tourism and in front […]

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The journey to happiness

Becoming better acquainted with the inside functioning of our brains will help us to better world. Including a better position to overcome our ego.

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Somebody not your brother is watching!

Telecoms are scrutinizing call-patterns in order to tailormake offers to market influencers.

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