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More changes in less time, generation by generation

where are we, the world, heading? I have always referred to the generation of my grand-parents as one that has experienced so many changes, technologywise, real leaps of development, from the telegraph, trains, the combustion engine, charter-travelling by plane, telephone, even the mobile phone… and they assimilated all, and got well used to it. Some […]

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La gente está harta de politicos y sindicatos

recibí un e-mail con esta imagen y lo publico aquí porque, aparte de la sonrisa que nos provoca, pienso que es representativo de un sentimiento entre mucha gente en España ahora mismo, en lo que se refiere a las cabezas visibles de los sindicatos. Y esta es otra expresión de lo mismo, aunque sobre los […]

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Demonstration vs Strike

Although the spanish unions claimed that close to 80% of all the working population joined the strike, I am absolutely convinced that this was not the case! Most people in fact chose to not follow the strike. Maybe because the Unions have lost all credibility with their cheating and fraud on public subsidies, their leaders […]

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Image via Wikipedia A Spanish magazine recently published an article about the sound shapes of Leire Pajin, the Minister of Health. While the author of it had the healthy looks in mind, other media soon started to criticize what they – in different words – thought to be disgraceful and less nice. We like to think that we […]

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Menos hielo que jamás en el Ártico

El océano glaciar Ártico enciende fiebre por acceder a sus recursos :: El Informador. Este periódico mexicano informa que: El océano glaciar Ártico acaba de cerrar su invierno más “negro”, con la menor extensión de hielo registrada desde 1979, 12.79 millones de kilómetros cuadrados -210 mil menos que en el peor año de la serie, […]

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