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Half full or half empty bottle ??

Ever thought of how differently two persons see, interpret or live a certain situation? That two persons listening to the very same song can get associations or feelings that are totally contrarian? Yes, – while you would like to listen to that song over and over again because you find it “beautiful”, another person might […]

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Summer heat on the Spanish meseta

People often ask me how I (being a Norwegian) can live with the heat. Not so strange, really, when temperatures here in Madrid range between +30º and +40º celsius, or more. While in Norway, a tough winter can offer temperatures with the same digits and a minus in front… I CAN live it, and I continue to […]

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Mother State take care of the Norwegians’ drinking habits

Due to ascetic and pietistic traditions, a history of governments favouring social protection, including the protection to prevent alcoholism, Norway has some not-so-attractive limitations in freedom of consumption.    Norway has been ranked by the United Nations as best country to live in, based on several quality-of-life measures. However, I’d guess many would not like these […]

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