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More changes in less time, generation by generation

where are we, the world, heading? I have always referred to the generation of my grand-parents as one that has experienced so many changes, technologywise, real leaps of development, from the telegraph, trains, the combustion engine, charter-travelling by plane, telephone, even the mobile phone… and they assimilated all, and got well used to it. Some […]

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Where to sit down when on the beach…?

It’s certainly a question about preferences. Whether you like to be on the beach at all, if you prefer being close to the water, closer to the bar or ice-cream booth… But it is also a question about cultural background. Generally speaking, a family from Norway would most likely seek a spot which is a bit […]

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The Catalan colonies of industrialization and welfare

Today, while on a business trip, a good colleague of mine, Enric, showed me his childhood village, L’Amettla de Merola, and opened his family’s home to me. This place is, in fact, a living symbol and good example of a enviable social, cultural and industrial phenomenon not so well known outside the Catalunya region, and […]

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