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Massemordet i Oslo og Utöya: Fengslingsforklaringer

Terrorhandlingene: Fengslingforhandlinger i Oslo. Slik jeg forstår det kan det sies at mannen er ansvarlig for det som kan kalles terrorhandlinger, iom, at dommeren sier den siktede (…) hadde til hensikt å skremme folket. Faktisk siteres monsteret å ha sagt Arbeiderpartiet skulle rammes så hardt at potensielle medlemmer eller tilhengere skulle skremmes vekk fra dette partiet…


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In Norwegian:The Judge explains preventive prison for Oslo massmurderer

Sitater fra monsteret og de juridiske begrunnelsene saa langt:  


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Ideology made violent and totally insane

Anders Behring Breivik had carefully planned his evil doings in the Government quarters of Oslo, and at the Utöya youth camp, on July 22nd of 2011. He claims to have spent 80 days in preparing it, and in a 1500-pages long manifest (spread to selected people in European right-wing movements) he writes about his thinking as what […]

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Norway attacked from within

It is said to be the worst and most cruel act on Norwegian soil since World War II. On Friday the 22nd of July, 2011, a 32-year old Norwegian attacked his own government with a very strong car-bomb and went on a shooting spree on a political youth camp outside Oslo, leaving a total death-toll […]

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The traditional Mediterranean diet, based on good and healthy raw materials, vegetables and fruits are no longer that much of a base in most household, contrary to what Spaniards themselves like to think. Up north in Europe, in Norway, the fiber-rich breads, the old traditional dishes as well as the raw materials used by the […]

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The city of Drammen has turned 200!

Congratulations to the city where I grew up and became a man! Drammen, the estuary town at the fjord with the same name, is northern Europe’s most important port for cars, the 9th largest city of Norway (62000 inhabitants), and hometown of the famed Strømsgodset football club (also known as SIF or more the more popular “Godset” […]

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