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Elections or not elections – THAT’s the question

If the government is already changing its members, in a temporary fashion, due to election-preparations, why not just call for general elections straight away? Felipe González, a grand old man of the Spanish PSOE labour party, said that to his party it would really be an advantage to have election as soon as possible (say […]

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Where to sit down when on the beach…?

It’s certainly a question about preferences. Whether you like to be on the beach at all, if you prefer being close to the water, closer to the bar or ice-cream booth… But it is also a question about cultural background. Generally speaking, a family from Norway would most likely seek a spot which is a bit […]

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The Catalan colonies of industrialization and welfare

Today, while on a business trip, a good colleague of mine, Enric, showed me his childhood village, L’Amettla de Merola, and opened his family’s home to me. This place is, in fact, a living symbol and good example of a enviable social, cultural and industrial phenomenon not so well known outside the Catalunya region, and […]

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Signs of industrial decline

Driving around the industrial estates in and around Madrid these days is not so encouraging. The polígonos industriales of Coslada, Argranda del Rey, Alcorcón etc., etc. used to be bustling with activity. In these areas, you’d find trucks maneuvering up to the docking bays for loading or unloading. In the streets you would have to […]

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Difference, but tired in Northern and Southern Europe

The other day Spanish media reflected what the EU Commissioner for Economic affairs, Ollie Rehn from Finland, had to say about the financial crisis we are all living in Europe the last couple of years. The media highlighted (in headlines) his observations regarding demonstrations and protests against economic reforms and budget limitations in the PIGS– countries (Portugal, […]

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Summer heat on the Spanish meseta

People often ask me how I (being a Norwegian) can live with the heat. Not so strange, really, when temperatures here in Madrid range between +30º and +40º celsius, or more. While in Norway, a tough winter can offer temperatures with the same digits and a minus in front… I CAN live it, and I continue to […]

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15-M and the need for transparency in business, politics…

15-M was the name of the movement of peaceful demonstration that started in Spain on and after the 15th of May. You found them, young and old, from the Extreme Left and from the Extreme Right, on Puerta del Sol in the very center of Madrid, at the very heart of tourism and in front […]

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Alcalá de Henares University

Alcalá de Henares has a long and proud history, thats for sure. Just check it out on Wikipedia. IN FACT it was a ‘city’ long before neighbouring Madrid got that same status! In the picture you see the old ‘Rectorado’ building, the main building of the University. This institution was originally founded by strongman Cardinal […]

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It is not only in the Madrid-region that Cocido is prepared in the clay fountains, but the Cocido Madrileño is perhaps the most well-known of them.

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La Magistral – the Cathedral of Alcalá de Henares

Only cathedral in the world with the right be called Magistral, together with the St. Peter Church in Louvain, Belgium. This was a title given in recognition of the teaching inside those temples of God, and that its priests had to be doctors of theology.

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