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UE se centra en problemas de deuda y pierde liderazgo en tecnologías

UE se centra en problemas de deuda de países periféricos, mientras Europa está desapareciendo del mapa de la tecnología. Dice el comienzo del artículo: Mientras la UE centra su atención en cómo resolver los problemas de deuda de sus países periféricos, Europa está desapareciendo peligrosamente del mapa mundial de la tecnología. Nokia, el único […]

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Sunday: First or last day of the week?

Image via Wikipedia Isn’t it so that the Bible says God created our “world” in 6 days, and on the seventh day he rested? I would suppose these seven “days” explain, at least in part, that our  week has seven days. Why is it then  that by definition Sunday then is considered the first day […]

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‪The Troll Hunter ‬‏

YouTube – ‪The Troll Hunter – Official Trailer‬‏. Trolls are an integral part of the Norwegian cultural heritage. Here’s the official trailer for the film “The Troll Hunter”. Learn more about trolls here: Troll From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This article is about the mythical beings. For other uses, see Troll (disambiguation). Look at […]

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